Creative method: STC

This creative method involves using predefined perspectives to challenge the established patterns and stretch a question.

By considering the perspectives of Size, Time and Cost, new ideas are generated that are outside the usual framework.

The method is mainly used during idea generation and can be applied to most types of questions, but it is particularly useful in product development.

To use the method, you go through the following steps:

1. Start from a question or an existing product/service.

2. Ask yourself what would happen if the size were significantly larger (for example, 10 times larger) or significantly smaller (for example, 10 times smaller).

3. Generate ideas based on the provocative thoughts that arise from these size variations.

4. Continue with the other perspectives (time and cost):

– Apply the time aspect in two ways: How would it be if it was done 20 years ago? What would it be like if it was done in 20 years?

– Also think about time limitations: What would it be like if it only took 10 seconds or a year?

– Explore the cost aspect: What would it be like if it only cost SEK 10 or if it had to cost a million?


Here are some examples to illustrate the method:

– What would happen if the mobile phone only cost SEK 1?

– What would happen if the mobile phone was 100 times as big?

– What will the mobile phone look like in 20 years?

It is important to find suitable and attractive perspectives based on the current issue. If the perspectives are too realistic, they can become boring, and if they are too extreme, they can become unrealistic.

Carefully record any ideas generated during the process, as discussions can sometimes derail without the ideas being documented.