About Effective Mind

Photo by David Matos

Effective Mind is a blog currently containing 196 blog posts.

Effective Mind is meant to be an inspiration that promotes change, and encourages thinking beyond one’s own mind. Effective mind is also a platform for thought-provoking insights and simple tools that inspire to do something in a new way.

As someone who has worked in complex fields, I have always strived to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible. Effective Mind serves as a platform for thoughts and tools related to organizational and individual development, sustainability, innovation and creativity.

I, that develop Effective Mind, am forward-thinking and passionate about driving positive change through creativity, innovation and a transition to a future that is in harmony with nature’s resources. With an innovative mindset and unique ideas, I want to influence others to think differently and to do something for a more sustainable future.

Early on I was fascinated by the philosophical aspects of mathematics and the limitless potential of the creative process. I have always been fascinated by the power of ideas and how they can transform, repurpose and give new meaning to almost anything and anyone. I have also always been fascinated by how new technology can act as a catalyst for new behavior. That curiosity have created a lifelong passion for the power of creation.

I believe that change starts with doing, and I would appreciate it if Effective Mind gives you the opportunity to take steps to dare to think anew and create a more sustainable future.

Besides creating Effective Mind website, I am also actively involved in creating innovations and driving change in innovation arenas. I collaborate every day with like-minded individuals and organizations to promote circular business models, sustainable design and innovation practices, advocating the use of leapfrog innovation in the transition to a circular economy.

Feel free to get in touch to give feedback or inspiration for a more sensible world!