3 things we can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger on creativity:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his impressive career in bodybuilding, acting, and politics. But what many people may not think of is that he is also a creative person.

Let’s explore some of the key insights we can learn from Arnold Schwarzenegger about creativity.

Think Outside the Box

Arnold Schwarzenegger is very good at thinking outside the box. Throughout his career, he has taken on a variety of roles that challenge conventional thinking. For example, he played a pregnant man in the movie “Junior” and a cyborg assassin in “The Terminator”. He also became the governor of California, despite not having a background in politics.

Schwarzenegger’s ability to think outside the box has allowed him to create a unique brand for himself and find success in unconventional ways.

Take Risks

Another insight we can learn from Schwarzenegger is the importance of taking risks. He has taken on many challenging roles throughout his career, and each time he has pushed himself out of his comfort zone. In his autobiography, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story”, he writes, “If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” By taking risks, Schwarzenegger has been able to achieve great success and create a lasting impact in his field.

Be Persistent

Schwarzenegger’s success didn’t come easily. He faced many obstacles throughout his career, from learning English to breaking into the movie industry. However, he never gave up. Schwarzenegger is a firm believer in the power of persistence. In his book, he writes, “You can have talent, you can have vision, you can have resources, but if you’re not willing to work hard, persevere through setbacks, and keep moving forward, you’re not going to succeed.” Schwarzenegger’s persistence has allowed him to achieve his goals and inspire others to do the same.


In conclusion, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career is proof of what creativity can do for you. His ability to think outside the box, take risks, and be persistent has allowed him to achieve great success in his various endeavors.

We can learn from Schwarzenegger’s approach to creativity by embracing unconventional thinking, taking calculated risks, and persevering through setbacks. As Schwarzenegger himself has said, “The worst thing you can do is to be afraid to fail.”

By taking risks and embracing creativity, we can achieve our own success and make a lasting impact in our fields.