5 things we can learn from Monty Python about creativity

Monty Python, the legendary comedy troupe, revolutionized humor and creativity in entertainment. Their irreverent, absurd and cutting-edge approach to comedy offers a treasure trove of insights to fuel creativity.

Let’s consider the invaluable lessons we can take from Monty Python’s groundbreaking journey.

Embrace the absurd and the unexpected

Monty Python’s sketches, such as the iconic “Dead Parrot” and “Ministry of Silly Walks”, thrived on absurdity and unpredictability. They taught us the importance of embracing the bizarre, letting the mind wander freely without restraint, and promoting unconventional ideas in the process.

Challenge conventional norms

The troupe challenged society’s norms and conventions through satire. Their film “Life of Brian” boldly tackled religion and cultural norms, illustrating the power of satire to spark conversation and challenge established ideas.

Seamless collaboration

Monty Python’s strength lay in the seamless collaboration between its members. Their ability to build on each other’s ideas and create a cohesive, yet absurd, story demonstrates the importance of teamwork and synergy in fostering creativity.

Play with format and structure

Monty Python experimented with format and structure, evident in their sketch-based TV shows and unconventional storytelling in films such as “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. This underscores the value of breaking away from traditional formats to unlock new creative possibilities.

Unpleasant originality

The troupe’s unabashed originality and refusal to conform to norms set them apart. Their unorthodox sketches and humor reflected a boldness to embrace their unique creative vision, emphasizing the importance of originality to spark innovation.


Monty Python’s comedic legacy transcends all laughs; it embodies a philosophy of embracing the absurd, challenging norms and being original.

Their ability offers profound insights that we must dare to be more creative. By embracing these principles, we can unleash our creativity and leave an indelible mark on the world around us.