5 things we can learn from Frida Kahlo about creativity

A beacon of passion and resilience, Frida Kahlo used more than the artistic canvas to become an icon of creativity. Her art not only reflected her innermost feelings but also encapsulated universal themes of pain, identity and strength.

But what lessons can we learn from Frida Kahlo’s captivating artistic legacy.

Embrace vulnerability

Kahlo’s art laid bare her physical and emotional pain, serving as a testament to the power of vulnerability in creativity. Her paintings, such as “The Broken Column” and “The Two Fridas”, vividly depicted her suffering and inner turmoil. They teach us that embracing vulnerability can fuel artistic expression and resonate deeply with audiences.

Personal narrative

Kahlo’s work was deeply autobiographical, recounting the trials and tribulations of her life. Her self-portraits, such as “Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird,” captured raw emotion and told her story without a filter. This underscores the power of personal storytelling in creativity, encouraging authenticity and connection.

Symbolism and imagery

Kahlo’s paintings such as “The Two Fridas” and “The Broken Column” transcended literal representation with symbolism and vivid imagery. Her use of symbolism conveyed complex emotions and cultural significance. This illustrates the impact of symbolism in evoking emotions and communicating layered messages in creative endeavors.

Art as catharsis

For Kahlo, art was a liquid outlet. In the midst of physical pain and emotional turmoil, she found solace in painting. “Henry Ford Hospital” and “The Little Deer” are poignant examples that exemplify her use of art as a healing mechanism. They remind us that creativity can serve as a therapeutic process that aids in emotional release and healing.

Unapologetic Identity

Kahlo’s embrace of her Mexican heritage and unapologetic portrayal of her identity challenged societal norms. Her vibrant Tehuana clothing and unibrow became synonymous with her identity. This teaches us the power of embracing one’s unique identity as a catalyst for creative expression and defiance of conformity.


Frida Kahlo’s legacy as an artist transcends mere painting on canvas; it embodies resilience, vulnerability and unwavering creativity. Her willingness to embrace vulnerability, weave personal stories, use symbolism, use art as catharsis, and boldly express her identity provides profound lessons. By embracing these principles, we can give our creative endeavors authenticity and emotional resonance, leaving an indelible mark on the world.