5 things to learn from Shigeru Miyamoto on creativity

Creativity is an intangible force that breathes life into our imagination. Shigeru Miyamoto, the genius behind Nintendo’s iconic games such as Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity in the gaming industry.

His approach to game design and storytelling gives us valuable lessons for aspiring creators in various fields.

Embrace simple ideas

Miyamoto’s brilliance often stemmed from the simplest of concepts. Consider Mario – a plumber who navigates a colorful world to save a princess. The beauty lies in its simplicity. He reminds us that sometimes the most enduring ideas come from the everyday aspects of life, reshaped with creativity.

Exploration is key

In Miyamoto’s world, exploration is not just a game mechanic but a philosophy. The vast landscapes of the Zelda games encourage players to explore and reward curiosity with hidden treasures. This teaches us the value of embracing curiosity, wandering off the beaten path and discovering the unexpected.

Characters with personality

Miyamoto’s characters have personality traits that resonate with players. Mario’s determination, Link’s courage or Donkey Kong’s mischief – each character is more than just a digital avatar. They teach us the importance of infusing relatable qualities into our creations, creating deeper connections with our audiences.

Iteration and refinement

Behind Miyamoto’s masterpiece is a trail of prototypes and iterations. The development process involves constant refinement, honing the game mechanics and storytelling until they reach perfection. This iterative approach emphasizes the importance of not fearing failure but seeing it as a stepping stone to improvement.

Emotional commitment

Miyamoto’s games evoke emotions – joy, excitement, nostalgia. They create experiences that linger long after the console is turned off. This teaches us the power of emotional commitment in any creative endeavor. It’s not just about what you create, but how it makes others feel.


Shigeru Miyamoto’s legacy thus extends far beyond games. His philosophy of creativity transcends industries and inspires countless individuals to think differently, explore and infuse passion into their creations.

Through these 5 lessons, we can all channel our inner Miyamoto and unlock the limitless realm of creativity.