Laugh at your ideas

Creativity is about connecting things in new and unexpected ways. The key word here is “unexpected”. It is often said that a creative idea must meet three criterias: it must be new, different and unexpected.

Let’s explore the exciting relationship between creativity, humor and, that’s right, the unexpected as our guiding light.

The journey of ideas

Ideas often go through a journey before becoming innovations. They are first met with laughter, then doubt, then perhaps even active resistance and then acceptance. After that, the ideas are often considered obvious and in retrospect, all resistance the ideas faced earlier is forgotten and post-explanations of the easy and successful idea work are created.

But what role does laughter play in this process? Why is it that we often laugh at ideas, especially when they are creative and unexpected?

Humor and creativity

Humor and creativity have a fascinating connection. Think of a funny story: you laugh at the unexpected punchline at the end. The same phenomenon occurs with creative ideas. The more unexpected and new an idea is, the closer we are to laughter.

Imagine you are in a brainstorming session and someone suggests a direct and unexpected solution to a problem, perhaps the opposite of how it is usually solved. It is so new and unexpected that it elicits laughter from the group. That laugh is a sign that you may have just stumbled upon a truly creative idea. Sometimes we laugh at an idea as a bit crazy, but that’s dangerous, the laughter is a physical manifestation of having stumbled upon a creative approach.

From Haha to Aha

The journey of creative ideas often begins with a laugh but can lead to a profound “aha” moment. The laugh means the idea has surprised you, challenged your preconceptions, and taken your thinking in a new direction. It’s a reminder that creativity thrives in the unexpected.

Embracing the unexpected is a crucial aspect of fostering creativity. When you let your mind wander into uncharted territory, you open the door to innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas. So don’t be quick to dismiss laughter in a brainstorming session; it can be the first step towards a brilliant revelation.


In the world of creativity, the unexpected is a treasure trove of possibilities. When an idea makes you laugh, it’s a signal that you’ve stumbled upon something new, different, and potentially groundbreaking. Remember that creativity is a journey that goes from “haha” to “aha”.

So embrace the unexpected, let laughter guide your creative explorations, and who knows what brilliant ideas you might uncover along the way. After all, “The unexpected” can be the path to innovation and inspiration.