Don’t Say No To Ideas, Use The Word “Po”

speach bubble with creative bulb

The method with the word “po” aims to create a free zone for lateral thinking and promote a creative attitude by avoiding judgment and criticism.

When you use the word “po” you signal that you do not want immediate evaluation or criticism of what is said. It is a tool that facilitates establishing an open and positive attitude towards new ideas and provocations.

The word was coined by Edward deBono and the word can be used when introducing provocations or odd ideas where you want to generate new thoughts and ideas. Using “po” as a prepositional phrase signals to receivers to be open to exploring new perspectives without judging or dismissing them.

An example of the use of “po” as an introduction to a provocation might be:
1. “Po, cars have square wheels.”

Another use is in response to a seemingly strange idea. For example:
1. “I think our cars should have square wheels.”
2. “Po, tell me more.”

In this case, “po” serves as a signal that one has heard what the other person is saying and does not directly value or reject what is being said. Instead of using ‘no’ or ‘yes’, ‘po’ expresses wanting to continue exploring and hearing more about the idea being presented.

When several people know the meaning of the word “po”, it creates a creative space for effective idea generation.

It’s important to remember that the “po” method may seem silly or unnecessary at first, but through consistent use, many tend to change their minds and experience the benefits of creating a safe and supportive environment for creative thinking.

Po – use the word “po”.