5 things we can learn from Anna Wintour about creativity

Anna Wintour stands as a strong expression of creativity in the fashion industry, reshaping trends and setting standards for decades. Her pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment provide invaluable insights into cultivating creativity and influence.

Here are some lessons we can learn from Anna Wintour’s extraordinary journey.

Visionary leadership

Wintour’s leadership at Vogue and in the fashion world may not have been the most supportive, but it speaks for her visionary mindset. She had an incredible ability to anticipate trends, curate content and discover new talent. This underlines the importance of carrying a vision in the leadership to bring about creative solutions – to have a clear vision and fearlessly steer towards it.

Fearlessness in innovation

Throughout her career, Wintour fearlessly embraced change and innovation. She did not adhere to tradition for tradition’s sake but rather reinvented and modernized Vogue, pushing boundaries and challenging industry norms. Her approach teaches us the value of boldness and risk-taking to foster creativity.

Cultivate a signature style

Wintour’s trademark sunglasses became synonymous with her identity. This illustrates the power of a distinctive style to leave a lasting impression. Embracing individuality and cultivating a unique signature, whether in fashion or any creative field, can set one apart and amplify their impact.

Elevate new talent

Wintour’s support of emerging designers and creators reshaped the fashion landscape. By providing platforms and opportunities, she nurtured new talent and fostered an environment conducive to innovation. This underlines the importance of nurturing and elevating new voices to drive creativity forward.

Commitment to excellence

Behind Wintour’s success is an unwavering commitment to excellence. She maintained high standards and an uncompromising pursuit of quality in every aspect of Vogue’s creation. This dedication to excellence serves as a cornerstone for fostering creativity in all fields.


Anna Wintour’s indelible mark on the fashion industry transcends trends; it is a testament to the power of creativity and influence. Her cultivation of a unique style, support of new talent offers creative lessons.

By channeling these principles, we can ignite our own creative spark and leave a lasting legacy in our endeavors.