We need people who think, not people who tank

In a world driven by information and instant answers, the importance of thinking and being creative often takes a backseat. We find ourselves in a cycle of seeking solutions from what we already know, often missing out on the transformative power of creative thinking.

It’s time to break free from this cycle and explore the profound significance of thinking outside the box.

The Pitfall of Doomscrolling

Doomscrolling, the endless scrolling through social media or news feeds, gives us a false sense of knowledge and experience. It tricks us into believing that we know a lot, see a lot, and have a deep understanding of the world’s issues. However, this constant stream of information is mentally exhausting and counterproductive for true thinking. It leads to a pattern of shallow thinking, where we respond to problems with, “I’ve seen something similar before,” without engaging in genuine reflection.

The exhaustion caused by doomscrolling leaves us with little energy to generate new ideas or perspectives. It breeds complacency and stifles our ability to think innovatively.

The Power of Collective Thinking

In a secure and open environment, collective thinking can be incredibly fruitful. When we share what we know about a problem, conflicts may arise because what others know can differ significantly from our own knowledge. These clashes of ideas can spark new insights and solutions, but only if there is energy and openness to engage in the process. When we’re drained, we’re less likely to listen or consider fresh perspectives, often leading to the dismissal of valuable ideas.

How to Activate Your Thinking

So, how do you switch on your thinking mode effectively? It requires being reasonably well-rested, in a positive mood, and having the luxury of time, free from stress. Many people experience this mental clarity early in the morning. When you connect seemingly unrelated concepts, your brain engages in active thinking. It strives to find connections, paving the way for creative ideas to emerge.

This method allows you to merge two distinct concepts to create something entirely new. Just like building with Lego, you can choose to recreate what you’ve done before, or you can challenge yourself by connecting the pieces in novel ways. The latter often leads to a greater sense of accomplishment, even if the result isn’t perfect.

The Lego Creator Analogy

Consider the analogy of building with Lego. You can reconstruct the same thing you’ve built before, which may not provide a sense of accomplishment. Alternatively, you can connect the bricks in new ways and brainstorm how to build within the limitations of the pieces you have. This challenge often results in a greater feeling of achievement, even if the outcome isn’t picture-perfect.

Lego, recognizing the importance of creativity, introduced the “Creator” series with more versatile pieces, allowing builders to craft their unique creations. This shift aimed to emphasize the satisfaction of thinking and creating rather than merely following pre-established instructions.

The Joy of Creation

In our quest for instant solutions, we mustn’t forget the joy that comes from creating something unique. Creativity offers a profound sense of satisfaction that can’t be replicated when we rely solely on existing solutions. To tap into this wellspring of creativity, we must resist the urge to consume ready-made answers and instead, nurture our ability to think outside the box.

One effective way to train your thinking is to embrace creativity-enhancing techniques and methods. These tools can help you unlock your full creative potential and discover innovative solutions to the challenges you encounter.

In conclusion, in a world filled with information overload and quick fixes, the power of thinking and being creative is more vital than ever. It’s time to break free from the constraints of conventional thinking and embrace the transformative potential of creativity. By doing so, you’ll not only find greater satisfaction in your endeavors but also contribute to a world filled with innovative solutions and fresh perspectives. So, go ahead, activate your thinking, and let your creativity soar.