Creative method: Move Properties

Creativity is a force that allows us to create completely new ideas by combining elements from diggerent sources. In the world of innovation, there is an easy-to-use method that encapsulates this, the “Move Properties” approach. This creative technique involves merging the defining characteristics of one thing with another, which, in often surprising ways, gives rise to new ideas and inspiring innovation.

Let’s take a closer look at this method, its application and what it can lead to.

The basis of innovation is putting things together in a new way

At its core, the Move Properties method is about harnessing the power of combining the unexpected. Each product and service has unique characteristics that define its essence. Imagine taking these distinct characteristics and seamlessly blending them with another entity’s, thereby creating a fusion that has completely unexpected effects. By using the properties of a thing instead of the thing itself, it becomes easier, richer and more unexpected combinations of ideas.

When to use this method: Improvement within constraints

When you feel that the improvements to a product, a system or to your challenge do not reach a creative height, when the ideas are not exciting or experienced as creative. Then this method can come to the rescue. This approach allows you to break free from the boundaries of conventional thinking around the product and explore new combinations in a playful way.

The method is best suited for product development, but can also be adapted to organizational development with a little practice.

How to

1. Picking the things: Pick two seemingly unrelated products, each with its own distinct set of attributes. This can be anything from a household item to a complex gadget. If you have your own product you want to develop, you take it and then another product, any one.

2. Explore the characteristics: Dive into the essence of the first product and uncover its defining attributes. If you have chosen your own product, start with the other product. Think about what makes it unique and write down at least (!) 10-15 key characteristics.

3. Selecting properties: Now comes the exciting part. Hand pick any attributes that stand out or seem odd. These will serve as your building blocks for the next step.

4. The Move: Take the selected attributes and apply them to the other product. This is where the magic happens. Let your imagination run wild and imagine the new possibilities that appear. Ask yourself the question “What could this feature mean for the other product?”. Have a positive mindset.

5. The other way around: To complete the exercise, reverse the process. Extract properties from the second product and apply them to the first. Even if it’s not “your” product, it sparks new ideas and maybe new products. This exchange of characteristics can lead to completely unexpected results that are ripe for exploration.

Try it out first

Feel free to experiment by practicing on products with different properties to experience the power of this simple method.

How about combining the functionality of shampoo with the properties of a flashlight? Or imagine a camera’s attributes applied to a coffee mug? The possibilities are as limitless as your creativity.

Remember that Moving Properties requires an open mind. Sometimes a direct transfer of attributes might not fit seamlessly at first glance, but with a little refinement and an optimistic attitude, the potential is staggering.


So, whether you’re an aspiring innovator or an experienced entrepreneur, the FlyttaEgenskaper method offers a unique gateway to inventive solutions. Embrace the magic of shifting properties and unlock a realm of unknown creativity that knows no bounds.