Give and take in business

On the journey towards a more sustainable and circular business model, creating a give-and-take arrangement within your company appears to be a simple but smart solution. This approach not only addresses the challenge of excess materials but also fosters a culture of sharing, innovation and knowledge exchange between employees. It becomes a simple way to educate your own organization in sustainability and to understand circular business opportunities.

Let’s explore how implementing a give-and-take system can unlock many benefits for your business and contribute to a more circular economy.

Fix the excess

In many organizations, there is an abundance of resources and products in one department while other teams may struggle to find the same resources. The free spirit of the give-and-take approach bridges this gap by allowing excess items or resources from one area to be shared with those in need elsewhere. By reallocating these resources internally, companies can optimize their operations, reduce waste, and foster a sense of community and generosity that builds collaboration among employees.

Knowledge through sharing

Engaging employees in a give-and-take system cultivates a deeper understanding of circularity within the organization. As individuals participate in sharing and using resources efficiently, they gain first-hand knowledge of the principles and benefits of a circular economy.

This deeper understanding not only instills a sense of responsibility but also sparks innovative thinking as employees witness the direct impact of their actions on sustainability.

Local business opportunities

The beauty of a give-and-take system is its ability to create business opportunities for a circular economy at a local level.

Employees, who are intimately involved in the process, are more likely to identify areas where materials or resources can be reused, recycled or recycled within the company.

This localized perspective facilitates the identification of potential circular economy approaches that align with the company’s goals and values.

Promote employee loyalty and commitment

Implementing a give-and-take system creates a sense of loyalty and belonging among employees. When individuals feel valued and empowered to contribute, they develop a stronger connection to the company and its mission. This commitment leads to a more motivated workforce that actively participates in initiatives that promote sustainability and circularity.

Utilize existing space and low handling costs

Often there are unused or underutilized spaces within company facilities that can be repurposed for a give-and-take setting.

The cost of managing surplus items in such contexts and on a smaller scale is minimal compared to the value it generates in terms of employee engagement and resource optimization. It is a cost-effective way to improve the working environment and promote a collaborative culture.

Ideas for corporate events and collaborations

A give-and-take approach isn’t just about materials; it can also spark ideas for corporate events and collaborative projects.

The fact that the organization makes it easier for employees to share things with each other is a big advantage compared to the small effort of occasionally clearing the storages and donating things to others outside the organization.

Employees who engage in resource sharing can organically generate ideas for workshops, team building activities or even community initiatives centered around sustainability and circularity.


In conclusion, implementing a give-and-take approach to your company’s untapped inventory isn’t just about reallocating resources—it’s about fostering a culture of sharing, innovation, and sustainability.

By harnessing the collective power of employees to identify opportunities, reduce waste and build a more circular economy, companies can create a workplace that thrives on collaboration and actively contributes to a more sustainable future.