A checklist for creating a creative workshop environment

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To foster your creativity and give space to your ideas, you need to create an environment that stimulates and inspires you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business leader, artist, writer, or just want to boost your creative energy in your everyday life, this checklist can help you create a creative environment where your creativity can flourish.

  1. Create plenty of space:
    A spacious environment gives you the opportunity to move freely and think without restrictions. Be sure to clear out unnecessary items and create space to breathe and explore.
  2. Have plenty of writing surfaces, paper and pens:
    Having good access to writing surfaces, paper and pens is important to be able to capture and express your ideas. Place notepads, sketch paper, post-its and other writing materials within easy reach for quick access.
  3. Choose a flexible room:
    Being able to reorganize your space gives you the ability to adapt it to your creative flow. Choose furniture that is easy to move and rearrange to create different work areas and moods.
  4. Remove disturbing furniture:
    Free up space by removing unnecessary furniture and tables that can limit your freedom of movement and creative thought process.
  5. Furnish according to different moods and move around:
    Vary your decor to suit different moods and tasks. Create different zones for brainstorming, creation and reflection. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around and create a new atmosphere when needed.
  6. Use music for inspiration:
    Music can be a powerful source of inspiration. Create playlists with different genres and songs to help you get in the right mode for different creative activities.
  7. Create energy with different lights for different phases such as idea generation and reflection:
    Adjust the light according to your needs and activities. Use lighting that can be adjusted to create different atmospheres and moods. Natural light is ideal, but if this is not possible, you can use dimmable lamps or string lights to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  8. Put up inspiration pictures:
    Decorate your walls with inspirational quotes, pictures or visionary goals. These reminders can help you stay focused and boost your creative energy.
  9. Have access to creative tools:
    Make sure you have access to a variety of creative tools and materials that suit your interests. Crayons, paper, colored pencils, modeling clay or even Lego can be useful tools to explore and express your ideas.
  10. Use fun attributes such as hats, clothes, etc.:
    Let your playful side come out by having fun hats, lab coats or other props that can put a smile on your face and create a relaxed and creative atmosphere.
  11. Make sure there is access to energy, drinks and fruit:
    To keep your energy up and avoid interruptions, make sure you have access to water, tea, fruit or other healthy snacks nearby. It helps you stay focused and hydrated during your creative sessions.
  12. Turn off mobiles:
    Avoid distracting notifications by turning off or putting away your mobile phone during your creative moments. Give yourself a break from digital interruptions to fully focus on your creation.
  13. Write down the musts:
    To avoid your “must-dos” taking over your creative time, write them down on sticky notes and collect them in a jar. This way, you can let go of these tasks and focus on your creative process without feeling stressed. The jar will be there when you’re done.

Create an inspiring creative environment by creating space, organizing writing surfaces and furnishing according to different moods. Use inspirational music, etc. and make sure to have access to playful props and that there is access to drinks and fruit.

Through this checklist, you can create the conditions for an environment where your creativity can flourish and new ideas can take shape.