7 things uncreative people do

Are you someone who often ends up in a comfort zone, avoids risks and seeks security? Does conflict make you anxious and do you struggle to embrace complexity? You may be tired and the thought of planning for the future seems overwhelming. If you relate to these feelings, fear not; You’re not alone. Many individuals struggle with similar feelings.

Let’s explore some common traits associated with a lack of creativity and how you can take steps to overcome these challenges.

1. Constant security seeking
It is in the human nature to seek security and stability. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the familiar? But the constant pursuit of security hinders your creative potential. Creativity often thrives outside of our comfort zones, where we take risks and explore the unknown.

2. Fear of conflict
Conflict can be unpleasant, and many of us prefer to avoid it altogether. However, differences in how we see things can lead to new ideas and innovative solutions. Embracing and dealing with different perceptions and learning to deal with them is a catalyst for creativity.

3. Lack of humility
Being humble and open to others’ perspectives is an essential aspect of creativity. When we think we know everything, we stop listening and close ourselves off to new ideas and possibilities. By embracing humility toward others and their perceptions, we can learn and grow.

4. Dislikes complexity
Complexity can be intimidating, but it’s often where the deepest insights are found. Complexity often arises because there are countervailing forces that have not yet been resolved, and that is when creativity is needed. Instead of shying away from the complex, you should challenge yourself to dive into it. You may discover unexpected solutions and opportunities.

5. Fatigue and lack of energy
Fatigue saps our creative energy. If you are tired, it is often a better strategy to charge your batteries than to struggle with trying to be creative. It is crucial to prioritize self-care, rest and relaxation before creative moments. Recharge your creative batteries and you might find renewed inspiration.

6. Avoid things that rub
Many of us dislike situations that feel imperfect and we like to ignore small things that annoy us or want to get rid of them. But it’s often by seeding that irritation and discovering the meaning in those moments of discomfort that creative breakthroughs happen. Embrace discomfort as a springboard to creativity.

7. The longing for certainty
Wanting to know exactly how the future will unfold is a natural desire. But life is inherently uncertain. Accepting and being able to endure, maybe even stretch this uncertainty can make you discover new possibilities. Many creative individuals are seen as “procrastinators” when it often comes down to being open to continuing changes despite uncertainty.

Overcoming your challenges
So, what can you do to break free from the constraints of a non-creative mindset? The first step is to recognize that embracing your weaknesses and being humble about your limitations can be a powerful starting point. By being open with yourself and others, you create room for growth and improvement. A next step might be to do the opposite of how you initially think and see where it leads you.

Remember that creativity is not an all-or-nothing trait. It is a skill that can be developed over time. Start by taking small steps outside your comfort zone, look for opportunities for healthy conflict and be open to different perspectives. Embrace complexity as a puzzle waiting to be solved, and rest when you are tired.

By accepting uncertainty and being humble, you can unlock your creative potential and chart a path to personal growth and innovation.