10 things we can learn from Trix and Robert Hausmann about creativity

Trix and Robert Haussmann are renowned Swiss architects and designers known for their bold, experimental and unconventional approach to creativity.

With a career spanning five decades, Haussmann has pushed the boundaries of architecture and design, challenging established norms and redefining the possibilities for creative expression.

Here are some valuable lessons we can learn from Trix and Robert Haussmann about creativity.

Dare to express unconventional ideas

The Haussmanns are known for their unconventional ideas and designs that challenge traditional architectural and design norms. They have a unique ability to think outside the box and come up with bold, innovative concepts that push the boundaries of creativity.

Their example encourages us to embrace unconventional ideas, take risks and not be afraid to challenge established norms in our own creative pursuits.

Experiment with different styles and materials

Haussmann is known for his eclectic style (mixing different styles from different eras), often combining different design elements, materials and cultural references in his work. They are not bound by a single specific style or material, but instead freely experiment with different approaches to design.

Their willingness to explore different styles and materials teaches us to be open to experimentation and to constantly challenge ourselves to try new things in our creative work.

Pay attention to details

Haussmanns are known for their meticulous attention to detail in their designs. They carefully consider every aspect of their creations, from the overall shape and structure to the smallest details, such as materials, colors and textures.

Their attention to detail teaches us the importance of careful craftsmanship and the impact that even the smallest details can have on the overall aesthetic and experience of a creative work.

Collaborate and embrace diversity

The Haussmann family has often collaborated with other artists, designers and craftsmen in their work. They believe that collaboration and embracing diversity can bring new perspectives and enrich the creative process.

Their collaborative approach teaches us the value of teamwork, the power of different perspectives, and the importance of fostering a collaborative and inclusive creative environment.

Challenge the status quo

The Haussmann family has always challenged the status quo and questioned established norms in architecture and design. They have a rebellious spirit that drives them to break away from convention and create designs that are truly unique and thought-provoking.

Their example inspires us to question the status quo, challenge existing norms and think critically in our own creative work.

Balance form and function

The Haussmann family believes that design should not only be visually appealing, but also functional and practical. They strike a balance between form and function in their creations, ensuring that their designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve a purpose.

Their emphasis on the importance of form and function teaches us to consider both aspects in our own creative work, to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Be playful

Haussmanns often infuse their designs with a sense of playfulness and humor, creating unexpected and whimsical elements in their work. They believe that playfulness is an essential ingredient in the creative process, as it encourages exploration, experimentation and spontaneity.

Their playfulness teaches us to embrace a sense of playfulness and joy in our own creative work, to allow ourselves to take risks, try new things, and have fun in the process.

Be fearless and genuine

The Haussmanns are known for their fearlessness in expressing their unique creative vision without conforming to external expectations. They are authentic in their approach, true to their own artistic vision and principles.

Their example teaches us to be fearless and authentic in our own creative pursuits, trust our instincts, be true to our own creative voice, and not be afraid to be different or challenge the norm.

Embrace sustainability

The Haussmann family have also been advocates of sustainability in their design. They believe that architecture and design should be aware of the environment and contribute to a more sustainable future. They incorporate sustainable methods and materials into their work, such as using renewable resources, reusing materials and designing with energy efficiency in mind.

Their emphasis on sustainability teaches us the importance of considering the environmental impact of our creative work and finding ways to contribute positively to a more sustainable future.

Learn and develop continuously

The Haussmann family has had a long and illustrious career, and over the years they have continuously evolved and adapted to changing times and technologies. They are constantly learning and experimenting with new ideas, techniques and technologies to stay relevant and innovative in their field.

Their commitment to continuous learning and development teaches us the importance of being curious, being open to new ideas and constantly improving our skills and knowledge in our creative pursuits.


Trix and Robert Haussmann have been influential figures in the world of architecture and design, known for their unconventional, experimental and sustainable approach to creativity.

The Haussmanns provide valuable lessons for anyone who wants to foster their own creativity. Their example inspires us to push the boundaries of what is possible, take risks, stay true to our own artistic vision, and constantly learn and evolve in our creative journey.

As Trix and Robert Haussmann have shown, creativity knows no bounds, and adopting a bold and unconventional approach can lead to truly remarkable and influential creative work.

So let’s take inspiration from their legacy and strive to unleash our own unique and daring creative potential.