10 things we can learn from Hayao Miyazaki about creativity

Hayao Miyazaki, the visionary animator and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, is a maestro in the realm of creativity. His unparalleled ability to create enchanting worlds and tell captivating stories offers a treasure trove of lessons for those who want to unleash their own creative potential.

Here are some key insights from Miyazaki’s approach to creativity:

Consider the nature

Miyazaki’s films are often imbued with a deep connection to nature. He finds inspiration in the beauty of nature. To increase your creativity, take time to appreciate and draw inspiration from the environment around you.

Appreciate ambiguity

Miyazaki’s stories often contain complex characters and ambiguous themes. Embrace the gray areas of creativity, because ambiguity can lead to more profound and thought-provoking stories.


Miyazaki’s characters are known for their depth and relatability. Cultivate empathy in your creative process by understanding and connecting with your characters’ or subjects’ emotions, motivations, and struggles.

Appreciate real craftsmanship

Miyazaki is a devoted advocate of hand-drawn animation and values ​​the craft. In a digital age, appreciating the art of handmade work and embracing the imperfections can add a unique touch to your creative endeavors.

Challenge conventions

Miyazaki often challenges societal norms and conventional storytelling. Don’t be afraid to question norms in your creative work and explore new, unconventional ideas.

Prioritize creativity over technology

Despite technological advances, Miyazaki places a higher value on creativity and storytelling. Remember that technology should serve creativity, not replace it. Use tools wisely to enhance your creative vision.

Infuse fantasy into reality

Miyazaki seamlessly blends fantastical elements with real issues. Find ways to infuse your creative projects with elements that resonate with audiences and create a bridge between the imaginary and the tangible.

Cultivate endurance

The animation business is demanding, but Miyazaki’s commitment is unwavering. Perseverance in the face of challenges is a key quality for all creative individuals. Continue to refine and develop your work, even when you face obstacles.

Cultivate a personal connection

Miyazaki often draws from personal experiences and emotions in his storytelling. Find ways to inject your own experiences and emotions into your creative work, creating a more authentic and resonant result.

Appreciate the journey

Miyazaki emphasizes the process of creation, not just the end result. Appreciate the journey towards your creative endeavors, as growth and learning happen throughout the process.


In conclusion, Hayao Miyazaki’s creative legacy serves as a beacon for those navigating the enchanting world of fantasy.

Embark on a creative journey inspired by the magic of Miyazaki.